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Journal/Canadian Musician

Hi friends,

How about this for a puzzle? For those of you who are bored and with 
nothing to do. I misposted this to the request line and not the 
actual sloannet line. I was quite amused with this reply. 

Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

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> Hi friends,
Command Hi not recognised

> > Hi, I just read an article on Canadian Musician about Sloan.  Check it out!
Command > not recognised

> > It's a center page article about Sloan and probably most of the info you
Command > not recognised

> > already know.  Well, there's also a handy gear insert which tells you which
Command > not recognised

> > gear Sloan uses.  Okay this might me absolutely useless, but just thought
Command > not recognised

> > some of you would like to know.
Command > not recognised

> > 
Command > not recognised

> >                 Paul.
Command > not recognised

> Wow! I didn't know Canadian Musician was even still in print! I have 
Command Wow! not recognised

> good memories of reading a Joni Mitchell interview (circa "Dog Eat 
Command good not recognised

> Dog") in CM, as well as a Rush one (I think...). Does CM have any 
Command Dog") not recognised

> connection with Canadian Composer/Compositeur Canadien, the bilingual 
Command connection not recognised

> CAPAC newsletter/magazine from the 70's? Found killer articles about 
Command CAPAC not recognised

> Rush (with Neil Peart just joining the group), Heart (about the time 
Command Rush not recognised

> of "Dreamboat Annie", when they were considered Canadian even though 
Command of not recognised

> they came from Seattle, great acoustic pre-alternative album, 
Command they not recognised

> BTW, many female Zep-style references, check out the masterpiece 
Command BTW, not recognised

> "Soul of the Sea" on Side One, reminds me of the seashore on Cape 
Command "Soul not recognised

> Breton Island (Cheticamp mostly, and the beach that's a ten 
Command Breton not recognised

> minute walk from my home via a dirt road...) Whoah! Major 
Command minute not recognised

> parenthesis!) and other groups in the archives at the Universite de 
Command parenthesis!) not recognised

> Moncton Library.
Command Moncton not recognised

> Gotta find it just to relive those memories... plus a cool band in it 
Command Gotta not recognised

> to boot.
Command to not recognised

> Great news, BTW. Did you know that we can't keep OCTA in stock at 
Command Great not recognised

> Sam's because it's selling so well? "Everything You've Done Wrong" 
Command Sam's not recognised

> has really packed a wallop thru airplay, with people comparing it 
Command has not recognised

> to everything from the Beatles' Rubber Soul/Revolver period (tee hee, 
Command to not recognised

> that's me) to early Chicago (I see, I see...). I've seen it sell out 
Command that's not recognised

> every second week, and we order a pretty hefty amount at a time. I 
Command every not recognised

> bought the last vinyl copy off the wall yesterday after work, and am 
Command bought not recognised

> keeping it unopened (already have both an opened CD and record copy, 
Command keeping not recognised

> as well as that cool yellow Suzuki-S Sloan T-shirt... The CD/Record 
Command as not recognised

> Combo I do for every new album that I certify a classic: Sloan's 
Command Combo not recognised

> last two releases, Pearl Jam's "Vitalogy", Eric's Trip's "Purple 
Command last not recognised

> Blue"... um, nothing else right now, although I'd love a vinyl of 
Command Blue"... not recognised

> Tom Petty's "Wildflowers".). Anyone know if the vinyl edition of OCTA 
Command Tom not recognised

> is also a limited edition pressing? Just wanted to keep an unopened 
Command is not recognised

> copy of the "best d**n album ever to come out of the Maritimes", 
Command copy not recognised

> possibly to pass to my kids when they ask me, "So how come we never 
Command possibly not recognised

> hear cool music from when you were a teen?" TAH-DAH!
Command hear not recognised

> I guess I've rambled enough here...
Command I not recognised

> Glen (aka Barney Rubble)
Command Glen not recognised

> ----------------------------------------------------------------
Command ---------------------------------------------------------------- not recognised

> What?!?!?!? You honestly thought there would be a sig file here?
Command What?!?!?!? not recognised

> S;^)
Command S;^) not recognised

ROTFL... Bwa ha ha!