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Re: adventures in toronto

Hi friends, I can't shut up, catching up with a weekend of sloannet 

> anyways, i didn't really post to talk about the show, i just wanted to blab
> my head off about this: last night at the horseshoe quentin tarantino and
> mira sorvino showed up!!! can you believe it? everybody was straining to see
> them, it was really cool. alex (sloan's infamous merch girl) gave quentin a
> copy of the local rabbits' cd as per request of thom goodwin (the rabbits'
> manager) cause pete wouldn't do it.

Hmmm... Would Alex be the girl who appeared in the photos alongside 
Jay and Patrick (I think) in last year's Vallium here in Moncton? 
Would her hair be kinda sandy-blonde (pictures were B&W, BTW) and she 
had just the most gorgeous smile...

Speaking of videos, anyone knows if Sloan is gonna shoot another one 
soon? Would love to see the slow-burning "400 metres" on Muchmusic... 
assuming I _HAD_ access to Muchmusic. \!/%*# French University 
Cable Connections at my residence...

Will I speak again today? Who can say? Does it matter anyway? S;^)
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

What?!?!?!? You honestly thought there would be a sig file here?