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Here is a one page document concerning the the project I have been working
any comments and questions will be greatly appreciated.  If you know of any
other sites that may be set up in different regions, just drop me a note.


The Cape Breton Music Centre On-line
Using Information Technology to Strengthen the Musical Community

Advisory Board: Leon Dubinsky, Ralph Dillon, Greg MacLeod, & Mike Gurstein
Project Coordinator: Iain Kenneth MacLeod (centre\!/chatsubo.com)
228 Charlotte Street, Sydney, Nova Scotia, B1P 1C5
(W)539-4060 (F)539-2053 (H)539-8152

This pilot project, under the guidance of the Centre for Community and
Enterprise Networking (C\CEN), is using modern information technology in a
creative, yet practical way, to enhance the gathering, organizing, and
marketing of Cape Breton music.  It will be operated as a self-sustaining
virtual resource accountable to the community with a major focus on
awareness, education, and preservation of Cape Breton's music and culture.

Technological advancement has usually led to the disappearance of local
cultures for a more "mass media" dominated music scene.  The Cape Breton
Music Centre will reverse this trend by giving Cape Bretoners the ability to
channel their own talents in new and exciting directions, and give them an
opportunity to access the world market place.

The Cape Breton Music Centre will be established as a not-for-profit company
with its main objective being to create a structured network of world wide
web pages and databases that will focus on the significance of Cape Breton's
unique music and culture.  The Centre's web site will have many interactive
branches including:

	 	- complete links to existing Cape Breton music sites
	 	- a comprehensive musicians directory
	 	- an events calendar for festivals, concerts, and workshops
	 	- an expandable resource section featuring historic information

This will be a great way to attract tourists to the region and give them the
chance to plan their trips around the unique musical entertainment of our
region.  The Centre will facilitate cooperative competition by working with
the musicians and in conjunction with preexisting sites and services in the
public and private sector.  It will not replace, threaten, destroy, or
exploit any of the current stakeholders in the music industry.  It will
unify resources in order to develop and stimulate the community's economy
and strengthen Cape Breton Island's musical reputation in the international
The Cape Breton Music Centre Online
Coordinator: Iain MacLeod
E-mail: centre\!/chatsubo.com