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jale in saskatoon

3/4 of jale stopped off in Saskatoon on friday, as part of their '' tour.
The three of them looked to be doing well, and seemed happy to be on the
road.  They're having a pretty busy time; a noon hour show at the
university, an on air pwerformance and interview on the community station
(CFCR) and at least one commercial station stop by as well.  Is 'stop by'
really a noun?  Sorry.  And an early evening show at Amigo's, s'toons
alterna-bar/restaraunt.  As y'all know Laura, Jennifer and Mike are doing
a 3 piece tour, and by golly, they sound really good.  Really really good.

They're playing a bunch of the songs off of so wound (not doing any of
Eve's songs) and several new ones. Including a couple with Mike singing
lead and playing guitar while Jennifer took over on the drums.  I think
someone already mentioned that they're coveing springsteens 'Tougher than
the Rest', but i figure it's odd enough to bear mentioning again. THey
actually pulled it off quite nicely.

Anyhoo, the three piece format works really well, certainly not as a
replacemnet for the 4 of them together, but as an interesting aside. I was
pleased and relieved to hear how well Mike's voice fits in with the
others.  What the hell was the song called?  Foolish Young Lad I believe.
It came across as a little Billy Brag-ish, what with the stripped down
instrumentation and all, but the combination of Mike's not quite monotone
voice with Laura and Jennifer's pretty awesome harmonizing took it to a
much higher level.  All in all it was a sincere, genuine and heartfelt
performance (\!/ Amigo's that is, the noon show was *way* too early for me
to make), and the crowd (surprisingly large for a last minute early
evening show) was very appreciative.  Oh yeah, and they're real polite
too; they played \!/8, between the supper crowd and the rock crowd, and one
or two kids were present so Mike apoligized for swearing in one of the
songs, with a kid present (we're talking 5 year old here, which I
understand is somewhat younger than at a normal all ages gig).  All was
forgiven, and the self same kid ended up being the only one to get up and

Anyway, it was all lovely.  They were going to spend sat am diggin
through the local Value Village and then take a couple days to drive out
to the other coast.  See 'em if you can..

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