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Re: adventures in toronto

D'Arcy Flueck wrote:
>well, i thought that was neat, not really relevant but whatever.. on an e.c.
>note, i saw the new super friendz video yesterday for the first time and it
>was SO good. it's for the song "blue tattoo" off the hard core logo tribute
>album. i *love* their version of the song and they all look so cute in the
>video (which is pretty slick by the way).

I saw that video yesterday too.  I especially like the end where they copy
that Rolling Stones video, the one for that song off of the last album with
the word Love in it, by having the superfriendz appear to be as big as the
buildings and rockin' out in the middle of the city.  But the models are
noticeably absent from the superfriendz video ;)  Does anyone know who
directed it?

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