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adventures in toronto

hi :)

last night was the honeydogs/zumpano/local rabbits show at the horseshoe in
toronto -- it was super. local rabbits looked and sounded better than they
have in a long time, they totally kicked ass.. :) zumpano were amazing, i
want to marry jason zumpano!! ;) hee hee! :)

anyways, i didn't really post to talk about the show, i just wanted to blab
my head off about this: last night at the horseshoe quentin tarantino and
mira sorvino showed up!!! can you believe it? everybody was straining to see
them, it was really cool. alex (sloan's infamous merch girl) gave quentin a
copy of the local rabbits' cd as per request of thom goodwin (the rabbits'
manager) cause pete wouldn't do it.

well, i thought that was neat, not really relevant but whatever.. on an e.c.
note, i saw the new super friendz video yesterday for the first time and it
was SO good. it's for the song "blue tattoo" off the hard core logo tribute
album. i *love* their version of the song and they all look so cute in the
video (which is pretty slick by the way).

-=- D'Arcy -=-