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Looking for a tab of...

To piggyback on that note, does anyone have ANY superfriendz tab at all?  I
have "undertow" figured out (the opening is the hard part).  

Does anyone out there have the tabs for Sloan's "Before I Do", also
Eric's Trip "Happens All the Time", and Superfriendz "Karate Man".  I
would enjoy the wisdom I can grasp form learning how to play these songs.
 Also it will shut up the rest of the band members in my lame ass
band(Secret Jelly Donut Fanclub).  They want to do covers(I am completely
against it, I think it is pouserific to do another bands songs). But they
say if we are going to play parties than we need to play the hitz by
Bush.  And if I am going to do a cover then I am going to do something
outasightsuperfly!!! Ok then I am off to go and do something immoral to a
bowl of pudding.