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Hey you guys,

I dunno if you guys get a lot of people coming and going.  I feel bad
leaving the list so soon, but, it's just a little much for me.  I don't
even know that much about Sloan, so to have to read all of these letters
about bands I've never heard of and will probably never get to see, is
kinda pointless.  Yeah, I know, I could start to learn about the bands &
move to Halifax and all that, but, I have 20 trades I'm dealing with and
people are constantly recommending bands to me.  I'm knee deep in "You've
just got to hear.....".  I don't have time or money to immerse myself in an
entire city's scene (Heck, I don't even know that much about the San Diego
scene!) Like the song sez, "You're in Nova Scotia, but, I'm not!"

To people I discussed trading with: let's keep discussing!

A few quick things before I leave about that interview I did with Patrick:
He wouldn't tell me who the letters from "Penpals" were to, but, hinted at
it being a Subpop band. (I later learned they were letters to Nirvana,
posted on a wall at dgc).  He also noted that the last song on "Twice
Removed" was written for his current girlfriend, but, was sung with his ex,
from Jale.

Everyone was really nice about answering my questions.  Thanks, I really
appreciate it. Can't wait to hear the new album.  I'm ordering it from
Murderecords any day now.  I'll check the various Sloan sites when I need
info and I'll say "hi".

No hard feelings, eh?

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