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Jale in Regina

This isn't much of a review of the show Jale played in Regina yesterday
'cause I'd never got into them before, for whatever reason it was. However,
seeing them yesterday made me run out and buy their latest release.

They played their first show here at 1:00 p.m. at the University in front
of roughly 100 studious boys and girls. After I talked to them, we agreed
that it was an intimidating place to play - it's so bare and open. The show
at Digits later that night was much better, though there were considerably
less people (I brought half the audience with me), it was nice and cozy
with a fire (gas) hissing to the side. It was very personal and up close as
we all were swooned by their excellent vocals and harmony. The accoustic
sound and soft conversion was well put together. I was so impressed. They
played mellow which suited the atmosphere. All in all, they did really
well. I talked to the bassist after, curious as to why they were playing
free shows and she said it was basicly (not quoting) 'cause they were
incomplete without Eve and they were touring alone. Subpop is paying for
the tour anyway I guess. Nice guys.

They are a very charming and beautiful band. They were probably the first
band I've ever heard compliment our province on how beautiful it is. :)

Well, I hope some of this was interesting or useful at least.


"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz