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(drum roll) and the winner is...!!!!!!

hi kiddies :)

carol was simple flooded with all your super intelligent/very entertaining
responses to (insert echo here) the East Coast Name Game. we laughed for
hours about some of them but anyways, only one person can win.
congratulations go to heather m., i guess since she's one half of the
official sloan site it's only fitting that she should be up on her e.c.
knowledge. of course, everyone who entered is a winner, which would make
everyone who didn't, a loser i guess ;)

carol will be posting the answers to the quiz along with her own special
commentary so keep your eyes peeled :) 

watch out for the East Coast Name Game part II, scheduled for the next time
sloan net gets so crappy we can't bear to turn on our computers ;) hee hee!

love always,

-=- D'Arcy -=-

ps -- person from "filler" can you please email me. thanks.