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Re: Nincompoop zoning in on your frequency...

> From:          "GLEN BOURGEOIS" <EGB3977\!/UMoncton.ca>
> Organization:  Universite de Moncton
> To:            Sloannet\!/bluenose.canadaweb.com
> Date:          Fri, 18 Oct 1996 10:51:29 AST4ADT
> Subject:       Nincompoop zoning in on your frequency...
> Priority:      normal

> I don't know if introductions are appreciated on this level (I might 
> be getting 51 flames in the next 5 hours, hey, I'm in a crazy mood.). 
> My full name is Glen Bourgeois, I'm studying in Moncton, have a 
> craving for well-produced guitar punk pop (Think 1970's and you got 
> me.) as well as Progressive Rock and, yeah, of course, Classic Rock. 
> Love playing bass, also know how to play keyboards, the odd power 
> chord, and hit drums too loudly to keep perfect tempo. Hence 
> the fervent jammer. Baptised Barney by Mark Gaudet of Eric's Trip 
> because of my Barney Rubble baseball cap, but that's another story 
> that I don't know why I threw in here. Call me delirious for finding 
> the zone dedicated to "the best band to come out of the Maritimes 
> ever".

> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> "It's the wrong world, I must be on the wrong planet."
>             -Todd Rungdren, 1979, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
>              (One kickass of a bluesy-power-rock tune.) 
I know one Mark Gaudet / Barney story.  Me and Glen walked into Sam 
the Record Man at Place Champlain one day, and Mark was there, as he 
is often wont to be.  Mark greets us with his customary, "Heyyyyy, 
the boyyyssssssss."  Then, he kicks into this hilarious, very Mark, 
rant (I don`t know how he gets away with the stuff he does at 
Sam's...): "Yeah, last week, Barney here, here he comes stormin' into 
here, right up to the classical section, and then he jumps right up 
on it...starts pissin' on the customers...but not just normal 
pissin', he's got this thing on the end of your dick that splits it 
three ways..."

Ah, that story still makes me laugh.

Fuck, I miss Moncton.

Ici git la memoire du Kacho.

Rest in peace, Kacho.

Oh, by the way, hi Glen.


Void is hard thing to forget.
Its emptiness burns too cleanly on your active brainstem.
Like the drowning man who suddenly realizes, 
that oxygen has a taste.