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the East Coast Name Game (long)

hi everyone :)

well, here's the moment you've all been waiting for!  The answers to the 
East Coast Name Game :)  We (D'Arcy and i) send a big congrats to the 
winner, as well as hugs to the many entrants!  i've included some of the 
not-quite-correct responses as well, just for fun :)  The average score was 
8.6/20 so no one made a fool of themselves.  If  points were given for 
creativity and entertainment value, there would've been a lot of perfect 
scores :) :) :) :)

thanks again!

               ...sizzle teen
The East Coast Name Game

1. What is Jay Ferguson's full name?
John Howard Ferguson

[as said by CM of the band S.  "Turn up the echo and let's go Johnny go!" 
sang the Local Rabbits :)  Tries included:  Jay Peter, Jay Chris, Jason, 
Jay-thesungetsinmyeyes-, and Jason Alexander.]

2. Name all three (past and present) drummers for the Super Friendz.
Chris Murphy, Dave Marsh, Lonnie James

[a lot of people didn't know Lonnie's last name.  Bonus marks were given for 
T.C., but no one had the smarts ;) to put that in.  Remember kids, it's 
Lonnie James, not Lonnie Anderson :) ]

3. What is Al Tuck's real name?
Alan Tuck

[see _in the meantime..._ #3 :)  Attempts included:  Alfred Tuckemupus, Alan 
Tuckenhagen, Al Tuck and Fold, Allister Cookie ;) and Alan Tuckson]

4. What is the name of Thrush Hermit's tour bus?

[read about it in _murderscene_ #2!  Better (!) suggestions included:  The 
Love Machine, Highway to Hell, Ford Econoline Special, White Lightening, The 
Happy Wanderer, The Wheels of Steel, and The Patriot ("i've got a solid 
heart of steel/ it rests in my ribcage and turns all the wheels...")]

5. Name the producer of the Monoxides up-coming album.
TPOH's Moe Berg

[no kids, not Brenndan MacGuire :) ]

6. Name Plumtree's current bassist.
Catriona Sturton

[see _in the meantime...._ #4 :) ]

7. Name the song and artist that Ashley MacIsaac and jale covered for his
first full length album for a major label.
"What an Idiot He Is" by Bob Snider

[coincidentally, Bob is from the east coast!  How's that for ECC? :)  Good 
attempts by those who tried "Staying Alive" by the BeeGees]

8. Where did the name Eric's Trip come from?
Sonic Youth song off of _Daydream Nation_

9. Give the name of the fifth Local Rabbit.
Tim McAuliffe

[also known as the guy selling merch.  Why we're giving him celebrity status 
in this survey, i don't know.  Read about him in _Marcus Said "Magazen"_ #1. 
 A lot of people thought the answer was Jay F. or "big brown" Brian Waters. 
 Tricky, tricky...]

10. Name the label Hip Club Groove are now on.

11. Name what Stinkin' Rich is? (hint -- the answer is not "a rapper" or "a

[the first line from one of his tracks goes: "Stinkin' Rich is X-Rated". 
 Laughs or groans went to:  a metaphor, terrible, what the Sex Pistols are, 
a blood thirsty villain, a hip hopper]

12. Name the studio that Hardship Post's first murder release was recorded
Stereo Mountain

13. Name the group that Zumpano covers on their murder 7".
the Beatles

[no, not the 3 Tenors or the BeeGees,  but the Beatles' "Long and Winding 

14. Name the month and year that the State Champs' "Nevada Downs" 7" was
July 1995

[one response was:  "july of 93 (and a shot rang out in the darkness....)" 
:) ]

15. Name the two groups spawned by Bubaiskull.
Rebecca West and Coyote

[practically everyone knew about Rebecca West.  Other theories included: 
Sloan (!?!?!), Staja Tanz, Thrush Hermit (a few times), Grace Babies, Great 
Big Sea, Hardship Post, Plumtree, Super Friendz, and Rebecca East :) ]

16. Name the Super Friend that used to be in Leonard Conan.
Matthew :) Murphy

[you can make out his background vocals in "Frightened of..." on the _Pub 
Slop_ 7" or on the _Trim Crusts if Desired_ compilation on Cinnamon Toast 
Records.  He's also listed in the _Hear and Now '92_ comp]

17. Name the original members of Orange Glass.
Ron Bates

[as mentioned in _in the meantime..._ #6.... oops, it's not out yet!  heehee 
:) ]

18. Name the song that Strawberry contributed to the Plumtree/Strawberry
split 7".
"Buried Treasure" OR "In Season"

[trick question!]

19. Name the label that Tara S'Appart's new 7" is released on.
Homemade Hearts Records

[as mentioned on Sloan Net :)  Nice try with:  "Dreamsmith Records" :) ]

20. Name the label that the first jale 7" was released on.
            bonus---> give the name of the first jale 7"
Cinnamon Toast,  _Aunt Betty_

thanks for entering :)