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Nincompoop zoning in on your frequency...

Hi friends (I'm assuming, I haven't seen a post yet...)

Okay, after two years of passively searching (...Okay, fine, I was 
too lazy S;^), I find the Sloannet frequency. Arright, fellows, code 
blue, Barney Rubble's zoning in...

I don't know if introductions are appreciated on this level (I might 
be getting 51 flames in the next 5 hours, hey, I'm in a crazy mood.). 
My full name is Glen Bourgeois, I'm studying in Moncton, have a 
craving for well-produced guitar punk pop (Think 1970's and you got 
me.) as well as Progressive Rock and, yeah, of course, Classic Rock. 
Love playing bass, also know how to play keyboards, the odd power 
chord, and hit drums too loudly to keep perfect tempo. Hence 
the fervent jammer. Baptised Barney by Mark Gaudet of Eric's Trip 
because of my Barney Rubble baseball cap, but that's another story 
that I don't know why I threw in here. Call me delirious for finding 
the zone dedicated to "the best band to come out of the Maritimes 

Currently, I'm on five other mailing lists: two for the Moody Blues 
(So sue me!), one for Gentle Giant ("There, coming over Charatton 
bridge..."), one for Klaatu (Arright, their singing style comes close 
to guitar pop and they are pleasurably psychedelic...), and one for 
engineering students where I'm studying: University of Moncton, 
Moncton, N.B. BTW, I am a Nova Scotian nonetheless: born and raised 
in Cheticamp, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (rings a bell to anybody? Or 
am I the only one hearing those? S;^) ) Also love to sport mutated 

Now, before my post turns into something that would look good on the 
Bay City Rollers Fans Penpal Bulletin Board (or those cool Japanese 
magazines with dozens of penpals...).

Oh, one last thing. Watched my first episode of "Sailor Moon" 
yesterday. Bad animation, tacky singing and spoken voice, exaggerated 
body movements... I LOVE IT!!! The best thing since "Samurai Pizza 

Okay, I figure if this doesn't generate enough flames to make me the 
most hated person in the maritimes, then my sig file should put it 
over the top...

Best wishes to everyone
Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

"It's the wrong world, I must be on the wrong planet."
            -Todd Rungdren, 1979, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell"
             (One kickass of a bluesy-power-rock tune.)