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Re: Re: what's the blinker the star story?

Okay,  here is the official Blinker the Star info.  Blinker is this really
wicked guy named Jordan Zadorozny.  He is from Pembroke, but moved to
Montreal.  So, you know, we claim him as our own.   He joined a band called
Tinker,  which Melissa Auf Der Maur was in.    Jordan left Tinker to form
Blinker. Melissa left Tinker to join Hole.  Steve Durand who is the singer in
Tinker, still does Tinker.  Tinker has a CD called "Reciever" out and a brand
new one called "Soft Shell Friend".  Both available on Bear Records out of
NYC.  (295 Greenwich St #105-F NY, NY 10007)  Melissa and Jordan play on two
7"s that Tinker has out also on Bear called "Green Machine" and "Realalie".  
Blinker the Star have a new CD out called "A Bourgeois Kitten" its out on A&M
records and should be available in all cool record stores.  It is a very cool
 record produced by Ken from the band Failure  who have a record out called "
Fantastic Planet" out on Slash.    I could go on about the  connections, but
it'd start getting boring.   

hope this clears up some stuff.  There will  be a quiz.