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Re: adrenline

Givvvvvve meeee info!!!! I love them...they rock..best song is the one on 
the cod can't hear cd.

On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, DAVID POUND wrote:

> Hey there is actually an adrenalin fan on sloannet. Wow! Well J.C.
> their bass player is a good friend of mine and he said the Yarmouth
> show with Burnt Black, was the best gig he has played since he joined.
> He was laughing, because he signed like 25 autographs.
> Anyway Adrenalin are going into the studio soon and will finally have
> a cd out some time soon. If anyone wants any info on them or wants to
> get in contact with them, just e-mail me and I can pass the word on to
> J.C. (the metal maniac). They have a show in New Glasgow, my hometown.
> coming up soon.
> dave pound