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Re: oct. 19th Heyyy, Li'l Orton!!

Brian <cklutz\!/buffnet.net> had this to say about oct. 19th

}hey did anyone see Li'l Orton Hogett????  on the 19th at birdland???

    It was only my second time seeing Orton and his Ten Cent Wings 
("Not 15 Cent like on the posters, that's bullshit!") and I had just 
as much fun as the first.  Except Orton didn't rollerblade around me 
and several fans from hell on the dancefloor.  That's because the 
floor was really too packed.  
    The highlight of the evening in my book was the addition of 
their new harmonica player, Doug Medley (or maybe Leadley, I didn't 
quite catch the name).  Really filled out the sound.  He and Orton 
had a little harmonica duel on "Two Eggs", but Orton apparently 
misplaced his harp before the show.  Funny thing is, Doug has a lot 
of rhinestones in his ear, and awfully small boots, even for a young 
fella.  I think they'd have done even better if they could have 
roped in that new girl from Plumtree, she's a great harmonica 
player, but Orton said they have a rule that they won't take any 
girls along on tour.  I saw Catriona in the crowd before the show, 
and she's cut off all her hair!  It looks great on her, but she 
could almost pass for a guy.  Oh, sorry, is it ok to talk about non- 
Sloan hair here?
    Speaking of Sloan, Omar "Dutchie" Schwarz was in fine form on 
the drums, and in his repartee with Orton.  Dutchie even had the 
crowd singing the Macarena as "Hey, Hey, Li'l Orton".  Fearon Star 
kept up the pace on guitar and "mandolin", and Fletch relied heavily 
on his top bass string.  Orton tossed remarks of displeasure at them 
and the quality of their playing all evening.  Fearon must have lost 
his boots, because he was wearing this ugly pair of basketball shoes 
he must have bought in the '70s.  Li'l Ms. Hoggett-Star-Hoggett-
Star-Hoggett ("She's married a few of us"), whose first name escapes 
me, (maybe Betsy?) was on hand to display the dance contest prizes 
(Li'l Orton, Opryland, and Desert Storm T-shirts) and to sing a 
duet.  The set included a few originals and a lot of old favourites 
like Carolyn, Honky Tonk Man, and Whiskey River.