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Re: Cable 10 *RAWKS* yer lame ass

a chance to spread moral and social causes 
to the masses...

this might not have to do with east coast 
bands, persay, but i think it does affect 
them and many others:

the CRTC wants to abolish public access TV.
that's right.
no more of that fine local programming 
anywhere...ok, so it might not always be 
great, but it's the principle of it 
all...the public has the right to access 
television as well as radio, and in my 
(humble?) opinion the thought of getting rid 
of public access TV would be as bad as the 
thought of getting rid of c/c radio.  

write the CRTC.
tell them you will have none of this.

help save public access.
sure it's old news, but i've just never had
such a good seguay provided before =)

on the topic of the CRTC, has anyone heard 
of CAB?  I think that's it anyways...it's a 
new group for forking out money to deserving 
musicians. all i know is it has to do 
with revenue made from radio stations 
and a part of their budgets go towards 
it...maybe i'm confused..if anyone knows 
more info on this, please let me know 
(privately, of course).

ethically yours,