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Cable 10 *RAWKS* yer lame ass

Taken fromthe Daily News, 10/16/96:

 "I mentioned sunday that channel 10 Halifax had launched its new 
season with Monday's airing of a number of ambitious programs.
 One program I failed to mention is The New Hit Parade, a comical 
take on shows like American Bandstand and Hullaballoo. The new show 
features in-studio performances by up and coming bands as well as 
 If you missed its debut Monday, you can catch a repeat of the 
premier this Friday at 8:30 on channel 10 Halifax. Guests include 
Debbie Richards, Six Too and Burnt Black."
-Ian Johnston, "television"

 Is Channel 10 Halifax the same as the Dartmouth public access 
channel? I'm asking because I'm pretty sure the twin Cities are 
served by different cable providers. This is the sort of thing we as
Sloannnetters  should (newly invented word) Cyber-lobby, non?

take care, Aaron