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cents etc.

I've three things to mention
1-Adrenilin kicked ass and sent the Y'ARC into a frenzie w/ Burnt 
  black last friday in yarmouth. If you get a chance and can handle 
  some serious heavies (ie-like slayer, pantera, or sepultura) then go 
  see these guys the next time they play together at the birdland or 
  anywhere else they happen to show up.
2- Can any one tell me about any new Six Finger Sattelite releases?
  I have two of their albums and I caught this Road Island band at 
  the pop explosion three years ago. They sound like a pscycotic elvis singing 
  with a disco drummed, a fat ass groovin' bass player and a mad man
  with a guitar and a computer thingie'. they'r great.
3- Does anyone have a copy of the Street Cents episode with sloan and 
  Thrush Hermit (with good old M.C.)? I haven't seen it in years and 
  it was hilarious. Please e-mail me privotly with any info.