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jale in edmonton(ec content rule)

Hi kids!

Well, yesterday/last night was/were the first show(s) of jale's coffee
house tour. They played at the university in the afternoon, but the show
at the Sugarbowl was better so let's go with that one.

Michael did all the setting up. Since they have no sound persons he did
all the technical stuffs while Laura and Jennifer were.....somewhere else.
Anyway, the Sugarbowl is a small place and was pretty full by the time
they started. It was really informal and casual, and there were no
hecklers(that is more extraordinary than you think since Edmonton breeds
hecklers, but maybe that's just at bar shows....whatever). It was mostly
stuff off 'So Wound' save for a couple new ones and a cover of a Bruce
Springsteen song. The sound was sparse, the vocals were clear and
heartfelt, and the crowd was appreciative to their slight awkwardness.
(They adjusted pretty well part-way through.) You should really go see
them if they come to your area because it was a great show. They also give 
out free posters and have 'So Wound' and 'Closed' on vinyl!!! (A mere
$10!) And they're taller than you think they are...or not. I managed to
get a good sounding tape of it on my interview recording device that was
turned on in my coat pocket. It's true.

Black licorice cures bellyaches.

That's all I'll tell you.