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>2. what's the release date of the super friendz full length?

  yes, i would love to hear this info also.  

two other things.  funny thing band members like to mumble under the other

>>>>>>  on the sfz 10", at the end of Green Hand, and before Landing Light,
there is some studio jabber in there.  sounds like matt asking a question,
then a boot hitting a wall, then a button being pushed, then the song
starts.  colin mcK knew about P. Pentland's 'fuck' in pillowfight, anyone
know about this?  

 on the plumtree/inbreds 7", the song by plumtree, Scott Pilgrim, while
Carla is singing, some else in the band is softly singing another verse.
anyone know who it is and what the silent verse is?  like "the phone the
phone" carla and amanda duel it out with verses, both clear.  but not this one.

thanks much,

"once upon a once in a while,
its hard to remember to smile."