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This Is The Sloannet Survey

I received great interest and encouragement from many concerning the 
survey...here it is - This Is The Sloannet Survey.

I would hope that all will take a few minutes and fill this thing out - 
lurkers, as well as regular contributors - the more response we get, the 
more interesting, varied, and accurate info I'll have to disseminate.

Remember that this is the first survey - if you come up with more or better 
questions, please include them so that they can be used at a later date.  

It would be great if everyone answered all questions, but in terms of 
employment, be discreet as you want.  None of these questions are meant to 
be intimidating either, so don't get freaked - for example - with the 
"...attend live music performances" question if you are 15 yrs old and don't 
have an all ages live music venue in your area.

Please answer the questions below as best you can...and please remember to 

I'll collect replies for a week, then compile everything and post them.

Good Luck.

******************This Is The Sloannet Survey**********************

1.  You are: Female / Male
2.  You are:  12-17 / 18-24 / 25-29 / 30-34 / 35+  years old

3.  You live in.. (city, province/state, country)

4. What do you do primarily (not to include hobbies):  go to school / work 
somewhere / work for myself / 
do nuttin'

5.  If you primarily go to school, at what level:  high school/ undergrad 
university or college / postgrad university

6.  If you primarily go to shcool, do you work part-time?  Doing what?  

7.  If you primarily work somewhere OR work for yourself, what do you do and 
in what industry?

8.  How often do you attend live music performances:  2+ per week / 1 per 
week /  2-3 per month / 1 per month / less than once per month 

9.  How much music (CD/7"/12",etc...) do you purchase in a given month:  5+ 
CDs or records / 3-4 / 1-2 / less than 1

10. Have you ever purchased music or related merchandise by mail order 
(something not usually available in your local record store)

11. How did you first hear about your current favourite musical artist:  
friends / sloannet / web site, newsgroup, other internet etc... / zine / 
radio / television / big time magazine or newspaper / CD-ROM / record store

12. Name two or three musical artists who are your current favourites. 

13. Are you a musician...:  No, just a fan / amateur / performed in public 
or recorded something for public release 

14. Are you involved with/have your own web-site/zine/indie label/promotions 

15. If you answered YES to 14., what is the name/URL/address of your 

16. How long have you been on Sloannet?  newbie / 6 months / 1 year / over a 
year/ few years

17. How did you find out about Sloannet?

18. Are you on other mail-lists, and what are they?

19. How much time do you spend on the internet/online (other than work 
related stuff)?  2+ hours a day / 1 hour or less a day / couple days a week 
/ once in while

20. When online, what do you spend the most time doing:  reading sloannet / 
newsgroups / web / general e-mail / IRC - chat / other

21. Have you ever met others from sloannet in person (that you would have 
normally not met were it not for sloannet)?

22. Besides going to shows, being a musician, creating a zine, or being 
on-line, what other things do you do in your spare time? 

thanks, and again, please forward this to mikel\!/inforamp.net, NOT BACK TO