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hi kiddies :)

everyone check out today's (tuesday oct. 15) edition of the globe and mail to
see the nifty article on sloan "'Cute' Halifax band attracts loyal fans" --
ooo, whatta catchy headline! hee hee!! :) the best is the little header
underneath the head line "Sassy magazine may think they're sexy, but Sloan's
U.S. record label couldn't quite see past the beauty. Still, the four East
Coasters inspire worship from their admirers, and not just for their looks."
gosh, i guess the globe and mail has finally realized that sloan goes deeper
than beauty! ;) :)

like carol said, don't forget to rush in your entries for the east coast name
game -- not only will you win copies of our zines but also the respect and
admiration of all sloannetters.. maybe ;)

catch y'all later ;)

-=- D'Arcy -=-