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Hello Sloanerz

Hi all.  My name's Adam. Those of you on the Posies list will probably
recognize me.  Thanks to Shant for giving me the 411 on joining this list.
I've got lots of questions and things I wanna discuss, but, I'll just tell
my Sloan history for now....

I first heard/saw Sloan on MTV's 120 Minutes when they showed the video for
"Underwhelmed".   I'm sure a lot of us anal music/computer types relate to
the lyrics on that one. I can only remember freaking on a song that
instantly one other time and that was for Straightjacket Fits' "Down In
Splendour" (again witnessed on 120 Minutes).  I rushed out the next day and
bought "Smeared".  I practically wore it out and I bought it on CD!  I
remember they came to LA, where I was going to school, but, couldn't go.

I picked up "Twice Removed" when it came out and fell in love all over
again.  I gave it "album of the year" status on my annual year end list.  I
was determined to see them when they came through town (the Bay Area by
then) and, sure enough, they showed up, playing a free show at the Bottom
of the Hill on a Sunday (where they always have free shows $2 or $3 all you
can eat BBQ, great venue!!!!).

I figured I'd try to interview one of them for my friend's zine in San
Diego (where I have since moved).  Couldn't get anyone to go with me, so I
went solo.  Not surprisingly, there was almost no one there to see them.  I
recognized Patrick and he was willing to sit and talk for awhile. He was
super nice and seemed to enjoy the interview more because I actually knew
what I was talking about.  I'd just picked up Peppermint and he seemed
pretty stoked that I was able to buy a copy in the States.  Sadly, I lost
the tape of the interview and the zine ceased to be not long after.

The show was unreal.  4 dorks just like me rocking out.  I asked Patrick to
play "500 Up" which they did, which was probably the highlight. (My band
has a song called "5000 Low", but I didn't even write it) They closed with
"People of the Sky" (I think I'm screwing up the title) with the drummer
coming from behind the kit to sing & play guitar.  Blew me away.  For one
song, the bassist (god, I suck for not even knowing their names) got up on
a table and go-go danced.  The girl next to me kept saying, "That's the
shit!" Indeed.

I bought 2 shirts. Unheard of!  I just really feel the need to support
bands.  It was so hard for me to see a band that good getting nowhere, even
though they were on the hottest label in the country.  I'll bet that
there's more anti-dgc mail on this list than the Posies (and there's PLENTY
over there).

I waited to pick up the new record, hoping to buy it new to chalk up one
whole sale for the boys and show dgc that they had at least one steady
buyer in the States.   Well, I went to get it several weeks ago and dgc had
"deleted" it.  Huh?  I assume this has been discussed a lot already, but,
will someone (privately) tell me what the hell happened?  I don't feel bad
ordering it directly from Murderrecords, they'll get more money that way.
But, without US distribution, they'll never tour here!!!!!

So, now I'm 25, living in San Diego with my girlfriend who I converted into
a "Twice Removed" fan (still can't get her to embrace "Smeared").  If they
can wait until she turns 21 (next June) before they do finally come through
town, I won't mind so much.

I like to trade and should be getting some cool Sloan stuff in the mail in
the next month or so.  So far, I have the Underwhelmed video (an actual DGC
video single), the Coax Me vid, and the Take It In (I think that's what it
is) CD promo single.  I have lots to trade but my Jellyfish website has led
to me being completely swamped (20 trades!)  Still, if you wanna check out
my site, there's lots to see and you can set up a trade and get in line!

I'll recollect bits of my interview and other things in the future.  I've
wasted enough company time.

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CD for the day (I bring one to work everyday _/       \_
alphabetically, starting last November)
Ned's Atomic Dustbin-Grey Cell Green single
Summer bought this for me days after we started dating while she visited me
in Berkeley.  While I went to work, she went shopping on Telegraph.  When I
picked her up at Amoeba (the best record store on the planet, too big
though), she was looking through old jazz 7"'s and I kept saying, "I'm so
shallow," because I was falling in love with a girl and hoped it wasn't
just because she was buying me cool clothes & CD's, and thumbing through
old jazz records.  Wise beyond her (then) 18 years. (I was 23,
coincidentally our favorite number, sick innit?)