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should I buy or should i wait now

THanks for all of the welcomes to the lists.   Everything I ever said about
not trusting Canadiens & how I know they're gonna invade us some day and
all that have been proved wrong!

I mentioned not being able to get the album from dgc when I wanted it.
What do you think I should do?  get it from murderrecords or wait and show
their u.s. distributor that people in the states like 'em?  I always make
sure to support the bands i really, truly like by not being their album
used and all that.

Oh yeah, (I'll recollect this stuff slowly) when interviewed Patrick, I
couldn't wait to ask him about the Translator song, "Everywhere I'm Not"
because it says, "You're in Nova Scotia, but I'm not." and he hadn't heard
of it.  I couldn't believe it!  Another guy in the band walked up and he
knew it.  They told me that Nova Scotia was mostly known for some kind of
fish (forgive me) and that it was mentioned in one of the Ghostbusters
movies.  He said the crowd went nuts when they mentioned it in the theater
he saw it at.  Too much.

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Ned's Atomic Dustbin-Grey Cell Green single
Summer bought this for me days after we started dating while she visited me
in Berkeley.  While I went to work, she went shopping on Telegraph.  When I
picked her up at Amoeba (the best record store on the planet, too big
though), she was looking through old jazz 7"'s and I kept saying, "I'm so
shallow," because I was falling in love with a girl and hoped it wasn't
just because she was buying me cool clothes & CD's, and thumbing through
old jazz records.  Wise beyond her (then) 18 years. (I was 23,
coincidentally our favorite number, sick innit?)