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Funny story

Okay, so I just moved to Atlanta and yesterday I was wearing my Sloan tee
that says "This here is Sloan..." This guy comes walking up to me, looks at
my shirt, and says, "Are you a musician?" I told him that I play guitar
badly, but I wouldn't call myself a musician. He looks down at my shirt
again and starts telling me about this recording studio he rents out... It
took me about an hour to figure that he thought that _I_ was a guy named
Sloan who was shamelessly promoting myself and my songs "One Professional
Care", "Same Old Flame", etc.

I did manage to make it to the Windsor show before I moved. I'm sure it was
well-reviewed on the list (I was off for a few weeks), but I have to say
that I think that, with his short hair, Patrick looks an awful lot like
Jason Lowenstien of Sebadoh. I don't suppose I'll get to see Sloan down
here, but I've seen them 4 times in the last year so I guess I should shut
up and be happy...

Atlanta radio sucks. The DJs are stupid, and the only Canadian music they
play seems to be Crash Test Dummies. I miss 89X.