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East Coast Quiz! / sloan concerts

hello fellow prisoners of the phenomenon known as Sloan (and other east 
coast groups)! ;)

the clock's a tickin', so you betta get thinkin', 'cuz the deadline for the 
quiz is *tomorrow*, Wednesday, October 16, 1996!  Remember to send your 
answers to me, and make sure you receive a receipt indicating that i did 
receive your answers (or else you'll have to re-send your answers).  If 
you're new to the list and want to know what the fuss is about, contact me 
at <NISHITC\!/tc.gc.ca>.  Thanks :)

and the current leader of the pack is... <insert name here>.  Let's just say 
that the Ontario kidz are kickin' everyone else's arses.  :)  (in numbers, 
not necessarily accuracy.. ;) )  Don't be shy -- enter!  And be silly, if 
you must :) :) :)

as for sloan concerts, BOTH the Vancouver and Victoria shows sold out?  Or 
was it just Vancouver?  i'm not sure.  i unsubbed for the weekend....

oh, and one more note:  there's an interesting interview with Allison Outhit 
(of Rebecca West) in this month's _Chart_ magazine (among other east-coasty 
things :) )

               ...sizzle teen

p.s.  according to the Much Music Countdown, the video for "Everything 
You've Done Wrong" (baby :) ) has reached #10, and _OCTA_ is nearing gold 
status in Canadaland
p.p.s.  bottom right hand corner, at the end... :)  (eewwwww!)