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Sloan in BC

(sorry about all these...> things.  my friend SHANAN (I hope your listening) 
gave  me the wrong subscription instructions twice, and I had to figure 
it out on my own, after I had sent a message already, thinking that I was 
on the list, and then once it was returned, I had to reply to my own 
reply, and then delete about a million lines of headers in order to post 
it properly)
> 	Oh, dear me.  I've never been on a real net thing like this before.  I 
> don't know how many people are on this, or whether I should be 
> introducing myself or what.  
> 	To save myself the embaressment of posting a message saying who I 
> am when no one really cares, I decided to use the fact that I have 
> something to say about Sloan as a cover-up.  So, my name's Katie, I just 
> subscribed, and I'm going to do a review.
> 	Sloan hit B.C. this weekend, with a Friday night show in 
> Vancouver's restricted club, the Rage, and another all ages performance at 
> the University of Victoria the following evening.  Due to two midterms 
> and an essay, I was unable to attend the latter show, (despite the fact 
> that I had been given an opportunity by a uvic reporter and personal 
> friend, to meet the band) but Friday night, I was at the Rage with Bells 
> on.  HA HA HA.  I'm usually not that big on puns, but it seemed like an 
> opportunity too tacky to pass up.  
> 	Unfortunately, I arrived late, because I attended an Octoberfest 
> celebration before hand, and, as a result of rather exaggerated 
> ossification,  ended up wandering  around some deserted area of downtown 
> Vancouver, freezing to death in a short skirt, trying desperately to find 
> the  club while chatting it up with god about how sorry I was that I 
> didn't  believe in him anymore but would he please let them approve of  
> my fake id anyway.
> 	I got in at the end of the second song, which was Coax me, and 
> went straight to the mosh pit, where I ripped my tights.  I did not hear 
> The Lines you Ammend, or Autobiography, (although either one of them may 
> have been the first song) but the show was largely composed of songs off 
> of the new album, infused sporatically with older hits, including People 
> of the Sky, I Can Feel it, and a much anticipated and appreciated Bells 
> On.  They also played a b-side which I shamefully cannot name, but which 
> rocked.  As usual, songs were mixed tastefully by witty remarks and 
> amusing jokes between band members, as well as one apology (courtesy of 
> Chris) for the show's age policy, and warm congratulations to all those 
> who found a way around it.  (that was me!! Chris talked to me!!)  Although, 
> upon arrival, I enhanced my already quite altered state of conciousness 
> by  adding a gin and tonic and a black russian to my list of 
> accomplishments for the evening, I was still awestruck enough to have 
> left  with my mouth hanging open.  My only complaints were that they did  
> not play Underwhelmed, that the show lasted scarcely over an hour, 
> and that Patrick's haircut wasn't everything I expected, but he is, of 
> course, still insanely attractive.  I wonder if they could make him 
> illegal.  
> 	Was that okay?  I'm kind of all nervous and shy about doing this, 
> but if I have fucked up substatially, someone let me know and I will 
> simply change my user name, re-subscribe, do it right the next time, gain 
> all your admiration and respect, and no one will ever be the wiser.  	
> 	Ta Ta for Now.