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Sloan Tab 3.0

Hello all, 
Now that we're all done verbally abusing the hell out of each other, I guess
it's safe to announce that version 3.0 is all set to go, but the only problem
is that it's too big to fit in one mesage, so I'm gonna ask people who want
it to e-mail me with the subject "TAB REQUEST", rather than clogging the list
with two to three huge posts.  Actually, there's a semi updated ET one as
well, so make that "S Tab request", or "E tab request".  Don't make the same
type of mistake I make and send it to the list.  Also, If you've got it on
your webpage, please update it, 'cause it fixes a few glaring mistakes.  Edit
it if it takes up too much of your allotted space though.  Just don't edit
out the credits.  Special thanks to everyone who contributed all these new
pieces (I didn't do any, I just edited it together.)