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Sloan in the Garden City

Ow my ears hurt. :)

Well, I just got back from the final show of the Sloan/Inbreds tour,
and it was fantastic. I won't go into a detailed review, but:

Inbreds: Played most of the songs off "It's Sidney and the Bush", except
for "Any Sense of Time", "You Will Know", and "Round 12". I had never
seen them live before, and it was a treat. I was a bit hesitant when I
heard they had added a guitarist, but Matt Kelly has made a great
addition. At the end of their set they said they couldn't wait for Sloan
to play because they had an "end of tour practical joke" planned, but I
didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe it was backstage or
something. :)

Sloan: Played for about an hour and 25 minutes. They played all the
obvious songs off of OCTA, and played "Bells On", "Coax Me", "I Hate My
Generation", "People Of The Sky", "Snowsuit Sound", "Penpals", and
"Deeper Than Beauty" off of Twice Removed. They also played "I Am The
Cancer" off of Smeared, and numerous covers. Penpals actually turned
into "Jumping Jack Flash" halfway through. For the encore, Patrick came
out on drums with Chris on guitar and played "Billie Jean" by Micheal
Jackson (!!), which turned into "Deeper Than Beauty" and back again.
That was more than a little hilarious. :) Then the rest of them came out
and they also did about 4 other covers during the encore, none of which I
recognized in my ringing-ear state. They seemed to be having a lot of fun
jamming, anyways. :)

Well, that's about all I have to say about that, other than the fact I
really hate crowd surfers and moshers, and Chris does a really good
Michael Jackson and has some great Rock Star Moves<tm>. Oh yeah.. and I
think the mean age of people there was about 15. I felt like Grandpaw
Brooks. <grin> Now I have to go back up to UVic to pick up my girlfriend
who should just be getting out of the Great Big Sea show.