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sloan in vancouver

hi everyone,
sloan played The Rage here last nite to a capacity crowd with the inbreds 
opening and realtime taping the proceedings...
they pretty much played the same songs people have been listing in their 
posts...they also did laying blame, i am the cancer, and an interesting 
version of I Can Feel It with Andrew singing the girl part (!)
I am proud to say that there was only one crowd surfer the whole show and 
he was ferreted out and chased around the venue by the security guards, 
while jay called him a "weasel" and chris told anyone in the crowd who 
found him to "turn him in, because he's outta here!"
They didn't play any covers...
The only really different part about this show is that the Rage turns 
into a dance club IMMEDIATELY after any show, and on Friday they have 
DJ's "Swift" and "Cool" hosting. So there was a bunch of people ont he 
dance floor grooving to a remix of New oRder while sloan was packing away 
their stuff...
I got to interview the inbreds and we did the photo shoot after the show 
and got them in the middle of this dance floor (complete with laser 
lights and video wallpaper) pumpming their fists in the air to Billy Idol :)
That was a highlight. :))))
anyway, it was a great show, blah, blah, blah, and it should be on 
realtime late dec. or jan i think.