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Friends, Romans, Amigos...

Just a quick announcement that there will be a performance this Tuesday
(no, really), Oct. 15 at Cafe Ole, featuring:

Winebible (from Vancouver??)

I know next to nothing about Winebible.  Has anyone ever heard of them?
What they sound like, where they're from, etc.  Apparently they have 
a couple of CDs out.  If anyone could fill me in on them I'd appreciate it.

Mendoza are from Halifax.  I remember seeing them, but forget what they
sound like.

To get an idea of what Hercules sound like, refer to Aaron's recent post
(it had me blushing and giggling like a little schoolgirl for hours :)
Or you could just come out tuesday...

The show starts at 8:00 pm, and will cost about the same as what most
Ole shows cost (ie, I doubt it will be more than $5 bucks, probably less
considering it's a tuesday, and as always a dollar off if you got a 
Cafe Ole coupon)


I think the new Halifax event mailing list is a great idea, so everyone
in Halifax who is interested in finding out about upcoming shows please
subscribe to it and post to it whenever you find something out.
That said, this will probably be the last time I post gig information to 
sloan net (I figured nobody would be on H-net yet, so what can you do...)
I would also like to encourage any ambitious folks living in other parts
of the country to set up a similar list for their area.  That way, 
discussion on sloan net can get back to what it was and always should
be:  violence and nudity!