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Re: jale/erics trip print

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 12:35:07 -0400 **shawn morris** <shawnm\!/webgate.net>
>>Mon-Oct 28	London			The Whippet Lounge
>if you plan on going to this show I recommend showing up early, as for 
>venue only holds 150 at the most. Cover should be under $5, as is the 
>for the Whippet.  

 Do you mean that the bill will include Eric's Trip and Jale???  Are
there plans for them to venture down here to Austin Texas???  Cuz I think
the last Canadian band to journey all the way down here was Chixdiggit. 
And  they rocked Emo's just wonderfully.  Their such a bunch of fine
lad's!!!  Also did Sloan's "One Chord to Another"  did it get released
here in the states???  I have been in contact with a bunch of dolts here
in Austin that don't even know how to spell Sloan.  Well I guess I'll
just order it form Murderecords catalog.  Boy Eric's Trip "Purple Blue"
sure is a trip.  So just remember Seattle had it's day and now it's gone
away and the only place left is Canada.  Now all we have to do is bootleg
all of Alanis's old school wanna be Debbie Gibson/Tiffany stuff.  Boy her
hair used to be big!!!  I think Iam the only American that remembers
living in Canada when she released that God awful record.  Damn I can't
even remember the name of her last record before Stupid Little Pill.  Ok
I am to do something constructive with spray paint.  See Ya'll in the