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Re: jale/erics trip print

>Mon-Oct 28	London			The Whippet Lounge

if you plan on going to this show I recommend showing up early, as for the
venue only holds 150 at the most. Cover should be under $5, as is the norm
for the Whippet.  

>>As for Sappy they have repessed at least
>>two singles, "Julie and the Pothole to Dementia" and "Dog Love Part II"

also repressed, I think, was Orange Glass' first Sappy 7".

>>First of Sub Pop never
>>seems to repress any of its vinyl stuff so the side projects with releases
>>on those labels tend to run out.

Subpop doesn't tend to repress anything what so ever, even some CD5's and
such are longer advailable.

>>I was just wondering if there was an East Coast music IRC channel which
>>anyone has been in or owned that actually have people in it.. 

well a few months back there was a #Sloan on undernet, for about three weeks
people showed up, then it just kinda disappeared, as far as I know, there
are none really out there, but then again maybe someone knows of one and can
correct me..

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