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RE: Bootlegs!

In message Thu, 10 Oct 1996 11:37:04 -0400 (EDT),
  Jason Peter Schad <jschad\!/engin.umich.edu>  writes:

> Do any do any Plumtree tapes exsist?
> Jason
I've got a boot of Plumtree on the Great Western Ballroom, with an hour of
live tracks (6) and interviews. I've also got a tape of them on CBC
RealTime, but you can listen to that in RealAudio at
Anyone who wants a copy of either can send a blank tape and a SASE to:
76 Howe St.
Sydney, N.S.
B1P 4V1
                                                - Se\!/n
P.S. - Plumtree are in Sydney at UCCB's MPR this Saturday for Gobblefest.
I'll be the guy who's stressed out of his mind and running around like a
maniac (read:stage manager), if any of y'all are coming out. Cleveland
Steamer are playing, too.
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