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cool blue halo show

it's kind of late, but i just thought i'd say something about cool
blue halo's show here in antigonish last friday.

the band started at about ten o'clock.  they did a long sound check, then
got started.  they played mostly all of the songs off of kangaroo, and
they also did a lot of new songs which i really liked.  wow - they were so
good! i met them during the break and we exchanged addresses and stuff.  i
think that i was the only fan there.  everyone else seemed to be at the
bar to get drunk - go figure. anyhow, the show was amazing and it was
probably the best gig i've been at in a long time.

hoping they come back real soon;

ps - if anyone on this list works at ckdu, can they please send me a
message?  my campus station has a bunch of questions...
				jacquelyn corbett
			    room 315, thompson house
				  second year, BA