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Eric's Trip in Print?

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Cory J. Boehm wrote:

> well I think Adam is missing some of the picture. First of Sub Pop never
> seems to repress any of its vinyl stuff so the side projects with releases
> on those labels tend to run out. As for Sappy they have repessed at least
> two singles, "Julie and the Pothole to Dementia" and "Dog Love Part II", as
> for other ones that have gone out of print it could be a money issue.

The second pressing of the "Julie..." 7" is out of print now as well.  I
stopped by the Sappy table at HOM hoping to pick it up and they told me
so.  I asked if they were going to repress it a third time and was told
that they do not like to do that - that they prefer the one pressing, and 
seeing as this was already the second pressing...  no.
Luckily, I managed to get a copy at Sam's on Barrington the following 
Monday.  8)  

Never procrastinate when it comes to buying vinyl.

- Kent "All of my favourite records are out-of-print" Burt

P.S.  I'm still looking for a tape of the HOM Olympic Death Squad set/
part of the set/etc. if anyone has anything...please e-mail!!