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Seriously Sloan in Sask *sweet!*

Well, reading Tom's post at first made me wonder if I was at the same
concert as he was. I had a good laugh at myself after (heh heh) What Tom
forgot to say was that it was a private concert and we were the only people
there aside from Sloan, and Pony :)

I have absolutely no knowledge about the inbreds so I am no help to anyone
wondering about their set. *sorry*

*PRE-SHOW* As I got there I was stunned to see Chris Murphy at the front
doors disguised as his alter ego. He was chatting with my friends
hairdresser who also gave Chris a bit of a chop earlier. Going down the
stairs he was mentioning how the Inbreds had good vocals - better than
their's. Jay was in the audience wearing his brown loafers so I sat down by
him to enjoy the Inbreds.

*SLOAN HITS THE STAGE* Sloan was excellent, yes yes, everyone knows that.
Sloan started off (unexpectedly by them all I think) fooling around and
jamming to "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Basicly they played all the ones you'd
expect to hear, plus Laying Blame (requested by yours truly) and alot of
goofing around including one scene after they switched instruments and
jammed on a bit of a rif patty started. Then Chris was shouting the chords
to Jay to the beat of the "song" - "A A A A A A E E..." etc. They were a
lively bunch, Chris - complete with his side jump kicks, mentioned "Once we
get past Ontario we just go nuts". Tom was not joking about the 12 year old
girls with barettes in the front. Standing beside me was 2 or 3 kiddies, at
a no minors show. (How did they get in?) What's with them doing no minors
shows now anyway? I thought they were insistant on all ages shows at one
point. ?

Anyway, I walked away from the concert with a special little something that
wont let me forget the concert too easily (evil grin). And to top it off,
it was me and my wife's first year anniversary that day (Oh yeah, she was
there too :P)! Chris dedicated our favorite song to us (Bells On) wondering
how it fit the occasion. It was really nifty 'cause our first date was at
the show they played in Regina in '94.

Thanks Sloan!


p.s. All you shirt buyers get your money ready! The deadline is October
31st!!!! I'm sending all of you who expressed interest a post with the
details right away. :)

"And touching the scar on your back like a relief map" - Superfriendz