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Re: hip hop in hfx (long!)

just to clarify:

i am so embarassed at having forgotten Hip Club Groove's latest release. I
tried to get in touch with them and then, it totally slipped my mind. If
the Fun Trip thing is inaccurate, I apologize since I had asked my
roommate to check the ad for it, but he couldn't find it at our house. i
know that's lame, but get this...i asked rich for the name of the label,
and that's what he could remember. so on behalf of us both, we're wrong.

so, for the benefit of sloan net, HCG has a new album on Fun Trip. I've
heard some of it, it seems pretty cool. So did they really break up or am
i imagining things?

love the girl with the amazing long lasting account,

ps/ i blame it all on a severe lack of sleep. 
ps+/ re: adam weezer's indie rockers with/out jobs post..i just did a
piece on drew yamada of the super friendz and his current lifestyle. he
talks a bit about money and the time he put into university. if anyone
wants a copy of this (hard copy or email), i guess you could get in touch.
it's for a little school related magazine called Transcript. there should
be a groovy photo in the article, too.

HEY!! Write me at:


after September 30, 1996