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Re: Question for schmoozers...

> know.) are merchindise, and shows.  Merchindise I can see being
> but all eric's trip related projects have a bad habit of making too few
> their releases, selling out, and then never repressing them, so there is
> limit to what that can bring in.  Regarding shows, either the side

well I think Adam is missing some of the picture. First of Sub Pop never
seems to repress any of its vinyl stuff so the side projects with releases
on those labels tend to run out. As for Sappy they have repessed at least
two singles, "Julie and the Pothole to Dementia" and "Dog Love Part II", as
for other ones that have gone out of print it could be a money issue.
Pressing a 7" requires you to put up a fairly big chunk of money up front
and hope to sell them off. Fact of the matter a repress is going to be old,
a lot of people already have it and will take longer to sell than a new

So well stuff does go out of print there are lots of reasons it does. Most
of the stuff I have come across is available for at least 6 months or
longer so you really should be able to get it.