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Question for schmoozers...


This is just a question I was wondering about recently for all you
monctonites and schmoozers alike.  Do (or did...) the former members of
Eric's Trip make enough cash off of the band/bands to forego other

Before I elaborate, If you feel that this is a stupid or mildly obsessive
question, then simply press delete and go about your business, as it is an
east coast related question. I don't mean to be obsessive, I just was just
wondering if an 'underground' type band was able to support itself entirely
through their music, even after they had splintered.  Also, While I do agree
with genius or whatever his name is, That you must be good at self promotion,
It's usually best to leave it to one person or so, as they are usually the
ones seen as the self centered arseholes that most rock stereotypes are based
on, and it really sucks to come off that way.  My suspicion is that my pet
genius probably pressed up *way* too many of their CD's and are now stuck
with them, so genius probably isn't *really* a self centered arsehole. :)
Also, quit callin Mr. Covey a nazi, that's just uncalled for.  If he hadn't
kept this list going, you'd be relying on alt.music.canada, or ET_etc...
 (Which I *think* i'm on.. I got a confirmation letter, but have never seen a
post...) not a pretty thought, eh?

Now, on with my question.
I would think that even though many of the side projects are extremely good,
they can't possibly pull in nearly as much as the old eric's trip stuff did..
The only sources of income that I see (and if I'm missing something, let me
know.) are merchindise, and shows.  Merchindise I can see being profitable,
but all eric's trip related projects have a bad habit of making too few of
their releases, selling out, and then never repressing them, so there is a
limit to what that can bring in.  Regarding shows, either the side projects
don't play out all that often (Aside from ETH recently) or else monctonites
are much better at keeping local show postings to a minimum.  Finally, I
guess what I'm basically asking is, Around say right between Forever again
and Purple blue, were they surviving completely on the band, How are they
doing now, and do/did the (former) members of eric's trip have other jobs?