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long post re: hip hop, MIA bands and other things

i tried to post this last night, it didn't work, here i go again.

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Tara Lee Wittchen wrote:

> re: the "In the bassments of badmen" hip hop compilation. i am soliciting
> opinions on this release. if you've heard it, had anything to do with it,
> etc. please write to me as soon as you've got the time. on that note, if
> you have any gossip, news, etc. on hip hop in halifax, please write to me
> as well. i am trying to gather as much information as possible for a piece
> i'm working on for an on-line magazine. thank you, or as the kids
> say..."word". :)

there is a greta review in vice magazine (a canadian freebie hipster rag, i 
think...?) that han solo (the label that put it out) is using in their 
ads for the comp.  for anyone interested, the compilation features a 
great number of haltown rap artists, incl. sixtoo (woohoo!), stinkin' 
rich, nathan the alien, flexman and jo-run.  to qoute rich (sort of...):
	"i was in sam the record man the other day, and you know that big 
stack of free shit by the door? well there was some magazine called 
'vice' that i had never heard of and i picked it up and started thumbing 
threw it, and it's got this thing on tribe and a thing on jeru, and then 
all of the sudden, it's like BAM! there's a huge picture of *me* staring 
at me.  weird enough, and this kid is like, calling me the *king* and 
saying how much i blew his mind.  there's no better feeling than being 
praised with excessive amounts of hyperbole."  
	[rich also has the *feshest* of new bikes: a gt performer.  brand 
new.  sweeeeeet.  just some triviality to keep the kids happy.]
	ummm ... the stinkin' rich sixtoo collaboration known as the 
sebutones have released their indie cassette "psoriasis" and it is 
available through sam's on barrington st.  it is not being distributed 
outside of halifax.

> re: on hold temporarily - what's happening with piggy while paul is in
> africa? 

>what is happening with the motes? 
a four cassette set of solo records (this sounds familiar...) from each 
member of the live band.

>and is gordon isnor ever coming
> back? 
not for a while, although he is planning a new compilation cassette and 
'zine.  i have no idea how he's going to swing it, what with him being in 
bc and all...


On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Brooks Duncan wrote:

> Robert Thompson <rthompso\!/julian.uwo.ca> writes:

> > Oh, I think one of the other problems on this list is that some posts 
> > very helpful. For example Rome Plows would mean more to me if someone 
> > make a useful post about what the band is about and what they sound like.
>  So instead of sitting here thinking "Gee, I wish someone would post
>  what Rome Plows sounds like," why don't you make a post that says "Can
>  someone tell me what Rome Plows sounds like?"

people have written long detailed descriptions of what the rome plows 
sound like a zillion times on this list, all you have to do is read one 
show review and you've got the idea, because they all start out with : 
"for those of you unfamiliar with the rome plows...".  maybe if people 
read mail more carefully they'd know these things.  but then again, if 
the mail was worth reading in the first place...

also, the reason that jale stopped their tour short was discussed as 
well. the answer? personal emergencies.  ie, none of your business.     

and one final note:
i never once said that people of the non-east coast persuasion (you know, 
*those* people) should not be allowed to contribute to this list, and 
anyone who bothered to pay attention to the original post instead of 
getting all hyped up on some sort of reductionist absurdity would 
understand that the point that i was trying to get across was that this 
is a focused discussion on the things that are important to the east 
coast music and arts scene.  it's an obvious fact that there are tonnes 
of people who live outside of this geographic region who are going to 
have lots to contribute, and anyone who suggests otherwise is just plain 
dumb.  what is an important thing, in my opinion, is that people who live 
outside the region, or inside the region, should not be made to feel that 
they can post whatever the hell they want just because they feel the need 
to contribute.  everyone has an equal opportunity and equal right to 
speak their minds, but the problem comes when people don't realise that 
there is a time and a place for everything, and that sloan net might not 
be the appropriate place for everything you have to say about 
everything.  take some time to think before you post, try not to fill up 
our collective inboxes (and psyches) with endless, useless rambling, 
ontariocentric posts, show a little self-respect, and don't be afraid to 
accept criticism when you overstep the boundaries of polite, civil, 
albeit sometimes banal and trivial, and even sometimes enlightening and 
exciting debate and discussion.  there is room for digression, there is 
room for sidetracking, there is room for absurdity, but all things in 
moderation.  we only need to have one backpack thread everyonce in a 
while to get enough of it, and then it's time to sit back and relax.  
sloan net has no quotas to meet for volume.  tara le wittchen remarked to 
me the other day that she was happier when she got ten great posts a day, 
instead of thirty terrible ones.  try and post about a bunch of stuff at 
once, that way everyone can get something out of it (*big* ups to 
adamweezer for actually doing this - even though seven out of ten points 
i could care less about, those other three are pretty cool).  we don't 
live in a democracy on sloan net, we live in an anarchy - no one is in 
command here, in as such, we are all responsible for our collective 
fates. our attitudes in dealing with things like these inevitable 
"ettiquette" threads reflect on how we deal with everything and everyone 
on the list, and we should try to not get too worked up about these 
things, and for goodness sakes, try to take things with a grain of salt, 
and look for a little bit of humour in everything.  especially before you 
start calling people nazis (which basically is up there with fag and 
nigger for words you damn well should think about before using in *any* 
contect other than a historical one).  as far as i can see, there isn't a 
single thing that i said the other day that isn't in james' nettiquette 
giude and FAQ, which it seems no one bothered to read.  he's putting way 
too much time into this list as it is, and it's kind of a drag that he 
has to put up with this crap.  you'd think after four or five posts of 
"sloan net really sucks and that bothers me" from the man who create the 
list, people would start to pay attention, but really it seems the only 
time they seem to think of his role or contribution is when they say 
"you're not covey, you can't tell me what to do! "  which is another 
subject entirely, and i think i've really gotten off topic, so i guess 
i'll just end it here.