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new label

I just read in the newspaper that Sloan signed a deal with some new
label in the US, that is distributed by EMI. Anyone know anything about 
the deal. 
Oh ya! Not only did I spot the drummer from Plumtree, but she is in my class
this year. I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to check her shoe
color or the style of her hair. :-)  

This whole east coast content thread has gotten way out of hand.
I don't think anyone on the list is an east coast indie snob.
It would just be nice to trim down the posting a bit, so people
who don't have time to check e-mail twice a day, will not get
overloaded with mail. 

On a non east coast tip, can anyone tell me any info on Kittens.
I only heard one song by them, but I liked what I heard.

David Pound