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the sloans in calgary

        Okay, this is just a super quick review of the calgary show last
night, in case anyone cares:

        In the afternoon i interviewed Jay and Chris on Joe Chan's Show
"Stick it to the Chan".  They didn't have any particularily interesting
things to say, but they did talk a lot about their hair.  I'm serious, they
brought it up, not me.  Apparently just last week, Chris visited a barbor
for the first time in ten years.  wow.  And they had nothing but kind things
to say about Patty P's new hair cut.

        The actual show was pretty good.  The inbreds were amaaazing!  Wow.
The sloans were pretty good too.  The show started out fairly badly, Chris
seemed like he was in a pretty bad mood and they all looked like they didn't
want to be there.  Jay forgot most of the words to "The Lines You Amend"
hee-hee.  But after a little while, Chris announced that he would no longer
behave like a "sad sack" and things started to go from there.  
        The suprise of the show was when half way through pen pals, they
launched into "Jumpin' Jack Flash."  Omigod.  I started laughing out loud
when Chris started struttin' around like Mick Jagger.  It was great, but
unbelievably funny at the same time.  They came back for a really long
encore, which included "I Am The Cancer" and "Take it In"  All in all, it
was a really impressive show.  By the end they looked like they were really
enjoying themselves, and they kind of reminded me of the way they were way
back when they used to tumble all over each other on stage.  Sigh....