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east coast quiz/sfz/sloan concerts (long

bonjourno :)

re: the quiz.  Everyone who sends me their answers will receive a 
notification of receival (did that make sense?).  i'm doing this because 1 
in 10 messages (private and list-related) do not reach me.  So, since it'll 
be a long weekend in canuck-land, if you write to me between today and 
monday, and do not receive a response by/on tuesday, please re-send your 
answers to me <nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca>  Thank you very muchly :)

re: Super Friendz.  yAhooooo!!!!!  They're going on a little tour with 
Zumpano at the end of this month, but it goes from Halifax to Sault Ste. 
Marie, ending in good ol' Ottawa :)  Tour dates are on the Sub Pop web page, 
and in this month's _exclaim_.  If you have access to neither, e-mail me and 
i'll type it out for yous.

re: Schloan concerts.  i was wondering which shows were and were not sold 
out on this current (as opposed to dead, i guess ;) ) Sloan tour.  i'm 
curious to see where they're really "big" and stuff.. uhh..... whatever. 
 Please e-mail me privately about which show you went to, and whether or not 
it was sold out.  (feel free to send me fun/informative/dumb anecdotes about 
the individual shows, if you wish :) :)  especially dumb ones :)  heehee :) 

included at the end of the message is the tour schedule that Cori Ferguson 
posted many moons ago (well, last month), and the info i know of so far.

thanks in advance! :)

               ...sizzle teen

 --Sloan shows--

Sa. Sept. 14   Halifax        Halifax On Music (Birdland)
W. Sept. 18    London         The NAC
F. Sept. 20    Toronto        Concert Hall      [Sold Out]
Sa. Sept. 21   Waterloo       U of W - Federation Hall   [Sold Out]
Su. Sept. 22   Guelph         U of Guelph - Peter Clark Hall
M. Sept. 23    Windsor        Capitol Theatre
W. Sept. 25    tba [???]
Th. Sept. 26   Kingston       Queens University - Grant Hall
F. Sept. 27    Ottawa         Carleton U - Porter Hall  [Sold Out, and 
Sa. Sept. 28   St. Catherines Brock University - Isaac's
Su. Sept. 29   Montreal       Spectrum  [exit ETH]
W  Oct. 2      [i think Peterborough fits in here] [exit LR]
Th. Oct. 3          Toronto        Concert Hall  [Sold Out, baybee]
Sa. Oct. 5     Thunder Bay    Lakehead U - The Outpost [enter Inbreds]
Su. Oct. 6          Winnipeg  The Rendezbous
M. Oct. 7      Saskatoon U of Saskatchewan
Tu. Oct. 8          Edmonton  Dinwoody Lounge
W. Oct. 9      Calgary        MacEwan Hall
F. Oct. 11          Vancouver The Rage
Sa. Oct. 12    Victoria       U of Victoria