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eric's trip and ....

Hello sloannetters!!!  
Does anyone have that 'river benifit' compilation (I forget what it's
called) with eric's trip, orange glass, etc.?  Is the eric's trip song
(the fall) any good?
Secondly, does anyone know any info about what sort of material will be
on the eric's trip rarity albums?  Live stuff, outtakes, singles, old
stuff for the self-released cassettes? 

				Thanks for any information, 


Wow, enough ranting.  I want to hear about music again (please...).  Oh,
and Sebadoh-l really sucks.  There's been posts like "if I ever saw J
Mascis in the street I'd give him the finger," or "Kath is a beautiful
person, Lou is very lucky..." (and they really mean it man, it's so
scary and sick.  Oh was I ranting...)