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sloan in Edmonton

Hey I figured their might be a few of you who might be interested in how the
show went so here goes.

It was to be my first time seeing sloan so that was exciting and also I'm a
fan of the inbreds. When a got their though a different band was setting up.
They were called  Kung Fu Grip(i think),i didn't think they were that good.
Somehow a rumor came up that one of the kung fu guys was Chris Murph's
cousin, but like I said just a rumor. Next were the inbreds mostly new stuff
with the new guy. It was good to see them. I got the new cd, by the way Matt
Murphy does a guitar solo on one song. Sloan played an enjoyable set. I
won't bother to write all of the songs because they seem to be mostly the
same ones that others have posted about. Some of my favorites were people of
the sky, deeper than beauty(pat on drums, girls screaming that they love
him), i hate my generation,ect. They did a cover for the second song in the
encore. i don't know what it was and i couldn't here the words. It was funny
Chris didn't play on it so here was screwing around acting like johnny
rotten maybe, then he almost went in the crowd, that also was funny. After
the song Chris said "What the hell was that" I was thinking the same thing.
Then they played I am the cancer and ended it. There seemed to not be a
problem with crowd surfing at all, that was good to see. I had a good time
and I got the superfriendz 10",inbreds cd,inbreds/plumtree 7". I was so fun
and i want to see them again.

Brad N