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from today's halifax daily news.

Sloan surprises with choice of upstart U.S. record

By ANDY PEDERSEN --The Daily News

Sloan has finally chosen a record label to handle
the international distribution and promotion of
its latest record, One Chord To Another.

However, it is not DGC, the David Geffen-owned
label with which the Halifax band released its
first two full-length records.

In Canada, Sloan's own Murderecords label is
distributing and promoting One Chord To Another.

It was widely thought Sloan would hand the
American and international distribution and
promotion duties to its old label.

But in the 11th hour of negotiations with Geffen,
Sloan chose instead an upstart New York semi-indie
called The Enclave, making it one of only two
bands on the label's roster (the other is the
British neo-punk band Fluffy).

"Sloan will be a priority with these guys," says
the band's manager, Chip Sutherland.

The Enclave is owned and run by a one-time Geffen
artist and repertoire man named Tom Zutaut, who
was involved in Sloan's original DGC deal.

The Enclave is associated with the major label

Sutherland says The Enclave will release One Chord
To Another in the United States, as is, in
January, and that the label will have first crack
at the international rights to future Sloan

Sloan is in the midst of what Sutherland calls an
"over-the-top" tour of Canada, selling out most of
its dates so far.

The tour wraps up Saturday in Victoria.

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