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longish-edmonton show, misc.

hi kids!

well, last night was sloan's first appearance here in two years and it was
well worth the wait(but don't let it happen again{just kidding, sorta}). 

first up: kung fu grip. they're a six-month old local five-piece band
featuring steve derpack from mollys reach(who will be heading out right to
halifax in mere weeks) on vocals(quite a strange concept if you know mr)
and a guy named jason who bears resemblance to chris murphy(and rightly
so). they did a full set of originals featuring guitar heavy harmony and
rhythm. they rocked out and got those kiddies bopping their heads.

secondly: the inbreds. they're playing as a three piece on tour, not
sure anyone mentioned that. they did a set consisting mostly of songs from
their just-last-night(allegedly) released "it's sydney or the bush".
fabulous show, lots of creepy pink/green light combos, made mike look
sinister and evil. they did only a few songs from "kombinator" including
'any sense of time', 'round 12' and 'you will know'. dave and mike 
wandered around sub for most of the afternoon with no problem, since i
guess no one realized they who they were. pleasant and friendly, and
disappointed they would miss the zumpano show at another venue at the same
time as their set. (i know the feeling.)

lastly: sloan. wowee. they were so goooooood. chris spent most of the
evening fighting off propositions from 12 year old girls who kept
saying they were 16 and 17("i'll go to jail. when i was 11, you were 1.").
they started off with 'nothing left to make me want to stay' and played an
even split between "twice removed" and "one chord...". very energy-packed,
lots of pushing, but no crowd surfing, even before patrick mentioned that
they didn't want anyone getting hurt. edmonton crowds are not known for
*not* surfing, they're usually the losers that do it. patrick did ask the
crowd to move back two steps, which worked but ended up lasting all of 10
seconds. they played 'i am the cancer' at this one and andrew sang two
songs, 'people of the sky' and '400 metres'. for the encore patrick played
drums and chris sang 'deeper than beauty'(thanks) before the other two
came on to do some song that i didn't know(not one of theirs) which nearly
caused chris to take a header into the crowd and ended up crawling around
for a while. excellent, for sure.

as well, after the show, a bundle of thems there people went to catch the
last bit of the zumpano/cub show. andrew, chris, jay, and mike & dave
inbreds showed up mere minutes after us. if zumpano is playing the same
day as sloan they will be there, that's a tip. and check out zumpano's new
thing "goin' through changes", it is verrrrry goooood. the cub gals were
super through it all tho' it looked like the sloans coming to town took
away from their deal. 

some things i found out that i didn't know, so maybe you didn't either:

1) octa will be released stateside in january-ish by emi/virgin. fret not,
2) chris has small hands
3) jay wore some stylin' hush puppies he claimed were from grade 11
4) thrush hermit isn't doing anything more on murder(sob, for sure)
5) zumpano will be in halifax towards months end, check them out
6) david carswell of the smugglers is a roadie/player guy on the
	cub/zumpano tour extravaganza. he has good glasses
7) sloan is flying everywhere on this almost-over tour
8) one of chris murphy's cousins lives in edmonton
9) a "how to become a friend of the sloans" handbook is offered to the
	desperate for a mere $20(send money to me)
10) tom hayden was lying about the u of s show: all the boys shaved their
	heads, which shows jay's purple birthmark 
11) trumpeter #2 brendan(?) is on tour with the guys doing sound and such
12) jay was kinda sad the commodore shut down(aren't we all that
	experienced it?)
13) chris once trailed laeticia(?) from stereolab for an entire day

that's all for now.
think this is enough.
hope you calgary people are ready for a goooood show tonite, and vancouver
kids should be excited.
well worth the wait.
ciao for now.

(hi, mrs. murphy)