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hard core friendz

hey folks :)

the Super Friendz will be on the upcoming "tribute" album to Hard Core Logo, 
along with the likes of cub, the Odds, TPOH, Dream Warriors, etc etc.  The 
album is due in stores on October 23 on the BMG label, and it's called _A 
Tribute to Hard Core Logo_ (duh... :) )

(sidenote:  _Hard Core Logo_ is the name of a band, and the title of Bruce 
McDonald's upcoming movie that documents a tour with this fictional band. 
 Wait, if Hugh Dillion of the Headstones plays the lead singer Joe Dick, 
wouldn't people get suspicious of the Headstones, who are on the tribute 
album??   Wouldn't that make them a Hard Core Logo rip-off band?? ;) )

sending out a hug and a kiss to every single one of you's :) :) :) xoxoxo

               ...sizzle teen <nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca>

p.s.  remember to send your answers to the East Coast Name Game to *me*, not 
D'Arcy.  Possible points for creativity, so don't be shy!
p.p.s.  hey, i want to be an Ontarian who writes relevant posts and is 
"popular and prolific" (to quote listmoderatorboy jamesy c).  i'll fight 
y'all for it!!!!!!!!!!!  :)